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Board of Directors

Letter From the Board Chair

Leverage our position as a hub for Education, Healthcare and Retail consumers for East Texas!


I am very honored to serve as your Chair of the Board for the 2021-2022 Chamber year!

Who am, husband, father, grandfather -7...married for awhile, lived all over the US growing up with a career military father.  Graduated Texas Tech, GUNS UP!

My professional career has been split evenly between large corporations and small business. A Large Corporation brought me to Tyler in ‘94 and Small Business, SERVPRO, allowed us to remain in Tyler, sustain our family and employees the last 20 years while serving this great community.

Well, 2020 & 2021 have been quite the years...quite a few things have changed and that’s taught us all we have to be flexible and deal with challenges head on, especially our small business partners in our community.

That brings me to my vision which is to continue to “leverage our position as a hub for Education, Health care and Retail consumers for East Texas”.  With the 2020 COVID challenges and then Storm Uri this year, I think our goals should be to make sure our work plans and efforts, via our committees, help small business, especially in the short term, as we work through our new normality.

Many of you have already been encouraging to me about the experience ahead.  Thank you for allowing me to serve our community in this capacity.

Thank you,

Lee Browning   |  Board Chair 2021-2022

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