Tyler Rose Letter from Board Chair





    I’m humbled to serve as Chair for such a great organization in the best State and best City. 

    What a year we have all had?

    The world has been challenged as we all know and have all felt. 

    This community, Tyler, and our surrounding communities, continue to show resilience. 

    This was evidenced by the wonderful organizations and people we have recognized this afternoon. 

    There is more that still lies ahead but as the author Robert Frost stated, “The best way out, is always through.

    This is the mindset of your Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, its dedicated staff and board members. 

    Each of the individuals recognized and the members of the Chamber – LIVE, LOVE TYLER, and because of this, the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to executing on its mission, TO ENHANCE THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, ENHANCE THE ECONOMIC WELL BEING, AND ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR THE TYLER AREA.  

    This mission is not only to be in times when the sun is in our face and wind at our backs, but it is our duty to fulfill this mission for you, our members at ALL TIMES.

    As the business environment has changed the Chamber will still provide BENEFITS, in the form of ADVOCACY, EDUCATION and NETWORKING for our members.

    ADVOCACY is what we as a Chamber do on behalf of our members: giving them a voice in legislative matters at the local, state, and federal level.

    The Chamber provides EDUCATION with informative webinars, lunch-n-learns and newsletters.

    Probably the more obvious is the NETWORKING just as we are doing today. We know the best way to conduct business and grow your business is doing it with the good people we know.

    As our world continues to change, let us continue “through” as we LIVE, LOVE TYLER.

    Thank you,

    Roy Martinez   |  Board Chair 2020-2021


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