Tyler Rose Letter from Chairman of the Board



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    Why choose Tyler over any other community…


    As my season of chairmanship closes this September, I hope that I can somehow convey my humble gratefulness to lead such an incredible organization.  Each Chair endeavors to positively impact this great organization we call our Tyler Chamber of Commerce for the next generation.

    It is for those that volunteer, our members, that we have incubated and implemented a few ideas to make our Chamber even greater! I hope you are enjoying our updated website, streamlined newsletters and soon, our very own APP that will provide simple accessibility to all Chamber members.

    This would be a hollow thank you if I did not mention our Chamber staff.

    Yes, it is the passionate members that drive the success of our Chamber of Commerce, but we would not see that success without such an outstanding staff. Day in and day out our staff team of Tom Mullins, Henry Bell, Jenni Wilson, Tori Hanson, Cindy Smoak, Shari Lee, Holli Fourniquet, Susan Travis, Stephanye Petree and Drew Camps manage the incredible variety of activities our Chamber directs and supports. It is because of this amazing staff team and our incredibly passionate members that make our Chamber one of the largest in Texas!

    Thank you,

    Skip Ogle   |  Chairman 2018-2019


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