Tyler Rose Letter from Chairman of the Board



    I choose Tyler

    Why choose Tyler over any other community…

    Earlier this year I was challenged by our Chamber leadership to have a platform, a mantra if you will to base this next year of my chairmanship upon.

    Past chairs have had the same challenge.  You may remember “buy local”.  Focus on local trade, supporting our local businesses buy buying local.  Makes sense.

    For whatever reason, one message came to me – I choose Tyler.

    I tried to embrace this message and think of why I choose Tyler to be my home.

    Each one of us at, one point, made the decision that this community, Tyler, Texas, home of the roses would be home… for you.

    Is it:

    • Career – employment opportunities
      • I see so many entrepreneurs tonight.  Entrepreneurs like Jamal Moharer who started something from nothing and now has a product serving our entire community
    • Quality of Life – is it the parks, the hike and bike trails?
      • Thank you Mayor Heines and our city council for the planning of even greater parks to come
    • Retirement?
      • Folks, Jim Snow works every day to prepare an environment for Veterans looking for a community to retire to.  An inviting environment that provides a one-stop shop for Veterans to find the services they need for a quality of life.
      • My mom and my step-dad, Joe, have chosen this City of Roses because of family, but I promise you this, they are staying here because of so many of you.
    • Raise a family?
    • The great schools, the opportunity for higher education?
      • I see leaders of our great education institutions working hard every day to better our educational opportunities
    • The great healthcare?
      • Ladies and gentlemen – we have healthcare providers that are world renown.  Let me say that another way – folks travel from all over the world to get the best premium healthcare right here in Tyler, Texas


    Maybe… but I believe there is something more.  Something almost magical about this community.

    Yes, there are the great schools, the great parks, the many employment opportunities…

    But in the end, I believe we choose this community… we call this city of roses home because of the people around us.

    Each of you are the reason folks from all over want to live here…

    • To make a Home
    • To make a living
    • Home to raise a family
    • Home to retire.


    Earlier this year, this became very personal for me.  You see, my employer came to me and said they want to relocate my position out of Tyler.

    After a brief conversation with my wife (whom I affectionately call the REDHEAD) we both agreed

    I choose Tyler.

    Yes, there are opportunities to build a career, to retire, to get a great education, to get great medical care…

    But, in the end, I choose Tyler, this city of roses, because of you.

    I could not be more proud, more honored to take this position as chair of this amazing organization.  This chamber of commerce that is so successful… because of you.

    Each one of you makes this community #1… the best.

    BUT… I ask you this – tell others as you walk in this life why you choose Tyler.  To retire? To raise a family?  To enjoy the beautiful quality of life? 

    Be sure to add, it’s those around you that make this community, this City of Roses, so special.

    Our Tyler Chamber of Commerce is 118 years old.  Chartered in 1900, we are not the RETAIL ASSOCIATION of a century ago.  Our forefathers did however create the environment that allows us the ability of success we have today.

    Here’s the challenge to each of us – we now have the burden to continue their commitment of making this the best community to make a living, to get an education, to have access to the best of medical healthcare, to retire…

    All of that but in the end, it’s you.  It’s you that makes this community attractive and, in the end, successful.

    I say this with all sincerity… Tyler, Texas, I love you.

    Together each of us say…   I CHOOSE TYLER

    Thank you,

    Skip Ogle   |  Chairman 2018-2019


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