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    2 Scholars is committed to improving students’ English reading & spelling skills through teacher professional development and curriculum. A teacher’s content knowledge is positively associated with student achievement gains. When teachers know more, students learn more. We are committed in helping teachers and parents build the foundations in literacy for their students through professional development workshops that model how to effectively teach phonics and word study skills, which is a vital part in learning how to read. Students’ knowledge of these skills will improve their academic performance in reading fluency, writing fluency, and comprehension across all content areas. Our workshops gives teachers and parents the knowledge of how our English language works and how to effectively teach it to students so that they can incorporate it into their own reading and writing.
    Our curriculum, Building the Foundations of Literacy: English Reading & Spelling Rules, teaches literacy skills to students in a systematic and explicit manner. It is designed specifically for English language learners and struggling readers to discover the reading and spelling rules through visual, auditory and tactile modalities of learning. It teaches reading and spelling concurrently to enable students to develop the critical skills needed to become proficient readers and spellers. This curriculum can be used with elementary age children through adults in a small group or in a large group school setting or in a home-school setting. Visit our website for more information www.2scholars.com.


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