ETV Software August Deal of the Month
Make sure your computer is clean and secure with a discount on our virus removal services
It is a new month, that means it's time for a new Deal of the Month! For August, we are going above and beyond our quick computer repair turn around times and offering 15% off our normal virus and spyware removal rates. 

Back in the good old days, viruses were mostly just hacker stunts that spread as wide and as far as they could. Viruses would cause as much commotion as they could so people would talk about them. The point wasn't really to delete files or crash computers, that was just the easiest way for a hacker to get his virus mentioned on the news.

These days, virus writing has evolved into its own profitable business. Now, viruses attempt to steal logins or passwords or personal information and they try to do so as quietly as possible. Hackers have figured out that getting their virus talked about on the evening news might be fun, but stealing information and making free money is a lot more profitable. 

To combat these newer, quieter viruses, our Computer Repair in Tyler technicians will scan your Mac or PC desktop or laptop with advanced virus detection tools, remove any viruses or malware they find, and get your computer back to full working order as quickly as possible. 

Call us now at 903-858-4383 for more information, or bring your computer by our offices at 1331 South Beckham near the hospitals to get started. 
Contact Information
phone: (903) 585-4383
Offer Valid: August 1, 2018August 31, 2018
Get a free logo redesign when you go with us for your new or updated website
We understand how important it is for businesses to make first impressions. For August, we are offering a free logo design with the purchase of a website.

Your digital "curb appeal" is what can either set your brand apart from the rest, or can make you blend in - leaving the business murky in a saturated market. Tyler is growing more and more every day, so it's important to give your business a proper introduction to your potential customers.

You can visit our web department within ETV Software at: It's time to make your vision come to life at 903-316-6002.
Contact Information
phone: (903) 316-6002
Offer Valid: August 1, 2018August 31, 2018
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