• Strengthen Your Team and Grow Your Profits

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    Name: Strengthen Your Team and Grow Your Profits
    Date: October 20, 2016
    Time: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM CDT
    Thinking About Growing Your Business?
    Event Description:
    Discover Amazing Secrets to Strengthening Your Team and Growing Your Profits
    In business, your people are your greatest asset.
    Business woman dreaming of successIn this program I’ll show you how to avoid the biggest pitfalls small business owners face with their teams as they expand and grow. Whether your business has 1 employee or 30… or maybe you are considering hiring your 1st employee, this proven program will work for your business!
    When you first started your business, you had big visions for its success. You poured your heart and soul into making your dream take off.
    The great news is you made it happen! Sales have never been better and growth is off the charts.
    But what you didn’t expect is that sudden growth has created new problems.
    Your newfound success is creating new challenges that are causing your business to bust at the seams.
    Your team is drowning in orders and missing deadlines.
    Business Man dealing with conflictYour new college grad hire thinks he can still leave at 5pm even though he’s no where near finished with his work.
    Seriously, where’s the work ethic? This millennial employee is starting to be your worst nightmare and you wish you had never hired him.
    Then the drama breaks out.
    You head to the production room to witness a major fight about who’s fault it is a big order had a typo on it and you struggle to unwind the mess.
    You didn’t sign up for this!
    Deep down you know there has to be a way to lead your people to do more, want more, and do their best work without having to micro-manage them.
    Does this sound familiar to you?
    Are you ready to get your team back on track, unlock your unlimited business potential and love your business again?
    If you resonate with one or more of these situations then my Strengthen Your Team and Grow Your Profits online program can help!
    This powerful 9-module course helps to uncover what’s not working in your business. You’ll discover steps you need to take to produce both immediate results and long-term change.
    You’ll learn to think strategically about building your team, building on their strengths, and getting them to work together effectively so you can increase revenues and profits and add value to your business in order to build a business that really works.
    OK. Let’s get down to the good stuff. What does this program include and how can it help you?
    In Strengthen Your Team and Grow Your Profits, you will discover…
    Team Building
    ·       The simple yet effective process you can use to get clear about your big why, vision, core values and mission.
    ·       Effective ways to set goals throughout your team so that everyone knows what they need to do to help the company be profitable.
    ·       Simplest ways to spot and hire only winners and leave the losers to your competitors. I’ll reveal tips for crafting ideal job descriptions, setting realistic expectations and weeding out losers in the interview process.
    ·       Uncover ways to communicate with your team like a pro that actually gets what you want done hassle free.
    ·       The exact steps to build a powerful team and brainstorm tactics to maximize performance.
    ·       Easy-to-use low-cost, high-touch talent and performance management methods that will bring out the best in your workforce while keeping morale high.
    ·       Little known secrets about managing difficult employees without losing your mind.
    ·       And much more…
    Here’s the Program Outline:
    Module 1: Create & Execute Your BIG Vision to Take BIGGER Action
    In this module you will take a deep, serious look at why you do what you do and what you want your business to be – what it is now and what you want it to be both short and long-term.
    You will know how to prepare your own unique mission statement, develop your core values, turn your BIG dreams into your vision statement and learn the best way to communicate it to all your employees and customers. Learn to channel any fears or limiting beliefs about business growth and turn them into a positive leadership experience.
    Module 2: Set SMART Goals in a Collaborative Environment
    Learn the nuts & bolts while creating strategic goals that support your mission and vision so that everyone in your business are on the same page and know what you want.
    You will learn how to work with your team to brainstorm and select the best ideas and turn them into concrete, measurable goals that drive excellence in all areas of your business.
    Module 3: Manage Employee Performance
    In this module, you will learn how to drive exceptional individual performance on your team. You will have the knowledge and skills to have the right conversations that inspire, motivate and reward your employees.
    And you will know how to address poor performers, have the tough discussions and take action leading to performance improvement or how to end the employment relationship without fear of a lawsuit.
    Module 4: Recruit the Best of the Best
    Learn the proven processes that guarantee you will attract the best and brightest people to your team and how to spot the losers right away without wasting your precious time.
    Utilizing these important tips and checklists, you will learn how to conduct fair, unbiased legal interviews for new hires and internal promotions that identify what is in their mind – and also in their heart so that you assure it’s a great cultural fit.
    Module 5: Strategies to Retain Your Best and Brightest
    Learn how to take a completely different and deep look at how your team is organized and if your employees are in the right seat on the bus! You will learn the best ways to make sure the employees have no need to look outside your business to fulfill their long-term career goals.
    You will learn how to prepare succession plans that give your employees targeted experiences so they are ready for more responsibility.
    To prepare for the eventual loss of someone on your team, you will have invaluable tools in place to capture team member’s tribal knowledge if they walk out the door unexpectedly.
    Module 6: Lead Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce
    In this module you will take a look at the workforce today and discover the different ways that each generation work and what’s important to them, take direction, and tips to bring out the best in all 4 generations working today.
    You will learn how to quickly know the difference between managing and leading, and when to use various types of leadership techniques. You will also learn valuable methods for leading flexible workforces and virtual teams.
    Module 7: How to Communicate So Employees Listen
    Learn to communicate like a pro and have the employees waiting to talk with you! With this training and contemporary blueprint and templates you will know exactly what and how to communicate internally & externally with confidence and a consistent message in line with your values.
    You will also know how to use walk-arounds, skip-levels, focus groups and surveys to find out what’s really going on and shut down the rumor mill.
    Module 8: Managing Change as Your Business Grows
    In this module you will learn how to make the changes required to grow your business into a profit-making machine that nearly runs itself.
    With these secret steps you will be able to quickly assess each stakeholder’s readiness for change and know exactly what needs to happen to get everyone moving in the new direction quickly and without a lot of internal strife and drama.
    Module 9: Managing Difficult Employees
    In this module you will learn the best methods to address employees who always seem to be having some sort of problem or not doing what you want them to do. You will know how to step in and solve conflicts before they get out of hand waste valuable time, cause others to not want to work there – and then be able to quickly assess the situation and get everyone back to work.
    You will also learn powerful conflict resolution techniques so that managing difficult people and difficult situations become a rare event in your workplace.
    But wait, there’s more!
    In addition to the program, you’ll also get these three extra modules taught by experts in their fields:
    Extra Module 1 ($397 value)
    Finance and Tax Master Class with Kimberly Adams, CPA and owner of Create Total Wealth. Discover ways to cut taxes, understand key financial reports, and upgrade your money mindset.
    In this comprehensive class, you will learn how to:
    ·       Read basic financial statements and finally talk intelligently with your CPA, Banker and any other financial professionals
    ·       Save taxes and structure your business for optimal tax savings long term
    ·       Streamline your record keeping to stop draining your energy
    ·       Take advantage of the 2 biggest wealth building principles
    ·       Determine if and when you need to hire a professional

    Kimberly B. Adams, CPA, CFP®, MST
    Kimberly Adams is a business and wealth coach, speaker, and author. She is considered an expert in money mindset and in clearing subconscious money blocks. Kim’s background includes over 30 years in the business and tax fields and in personal growth and transformation.
    In addition to having her own coaching practice, she is also on the staff of her mentor, Christian Mickelsen, who was recently recognized as one of the top 50 coaches in the world.
    Extra Module 2 ($397 value)
    The Instant Video Fix Masterclass! Be Heard & Get Paid with Michelle Kopper – Master Business Coach & Video Visibility Expert.
    In this masterclass you will discover:
    ·       Why videos are an absolute must to grow your business online
    ·       How to quickly and easily get set up with the equipment you probably already have
    ·       The 3 Demons of “Don’t Do It!!!”
    ·       Exactly what to say and do when you get in front of the camera.
    ·       The simple mindset shift that lets you finally be comfortable in front of the camera!

    Michelle Kopper
    Michelle Kopper is a Master Business Coach & Video Visibility Expert devoted to helping small business, coaches, healers and experts Go BIG with their vision, mission and message and grow their impact and income through getting their work out into the world in the biggest possible way.
    Her background in performance and her personal journey of “Daring to be seen & heard” combined with 30 years as an entrepreneur make her uniquely able to help you own your Poised-Passionate-Presence and effortlessly attract clients and share your work with the world.
    Extra Module 3 ($597 value)
    Put your Branding and Marketing in Alignment with Your Business Vision with web specialist, digital marketing consultant and social media advisor, Susan Friesen.
    In this intensive training module, you will learn:
    ·       The biggest mistakes businesses make with their branding and marketing
    ·       Why your brand must be in alignment with your values and core messaging or your marketing efforts will fail
    ·       What you need to know and do in order to create a powerful brand that will attract the best clients and differentiate you from your competition
    ·       How to determine which social media platforms are where you need to focus
    ·       How disastrous it is to think your website is not affecting your business’ bottom line

    Susan Friesen, BBA
    Susan Friesen is the founder of eVision Media who works with entrepreneurs and business owners that struggle with having the lack of time, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.
    Her ability to offer “all under one roof” services from brand design to website development, social media, and SEO (and more!) enables her clients to feel confident in knowing their website and online marketing is in trustworthy, capable and caring hands so they can focus on building their business with the perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.
    5 Things You Need to Know About This Program
    1.    The program works for BOTH product and service based businesses.
    2.    It will END YOUR CONFUSION over what does and doesn’t work now for you.
    3.    The program is not complicated.
    4.    It’s the ONLY small business program based on my unique combination of years of leading teams around the world, owning my own business and helping business owners with growth strategies for advancing to the next level of success.
    5.    The advice is practical, proven, and works for everyone – new startups and seasoned businesses.
    What People Are Saying
    “Katherine was a great resource to SunCoke Energy and our Jewell Coal operations. She augmented our local HR team and developed numerous ‘state of the art’ HR business processes and programs.
    With her assistance and expertise we were able to implement several innovative recruiting and retention strategies.”
    Gary Yeaw, SunCoke Energy
    “Katherine pulls people to her through her leadership, business know-how and personality.
    Having partnered with Katherine through intense times during the collective bargaining process and in opportunities for engaging employees to help a business win, she comes out as a clear leader within a leadership team.
    This is because of her knowledge, experience and spirit. When an executive, business unit or company wants to bring performance to a higher level, Katherine is the human resources leader that should be on the team.
    The bottom line is that Katherine is a true business partner who understands what makes a company tick. She has the business acumen and knowledge to build positive employee and labor relations to deliver measurable outcomes.
    I look forward to every opportunity we have to work together because we make significant changes that benefit people and the places where they work.”
    Andy Opila, On the Same Page
    “Katherine is very professional and provided us with the tools we needed to move our business forward.
    She updated our business with new employee policies, new handbook, and performance management systems. This helped us set goals and evaluate employee performance against the goals.
    She taught the employees new ways to communicate. She implemented a behavior-based interview process that helped us recruit new employees and also created new job descriptions which have proven very beneficial to all of us.
    We were very happy to have Katherine work with our team.”
    Sandy Stewart, Pure Radiance Laser Retreat
    Here’s What You’re Going To Receive:
    Checkmark 24/7 Lifetime access to 9, 90-minute modules including MP3 recordings and PDF downloads of all course materials.
    Checkmark 3 Bonus modules presented by leaders in the Finance, Marketing and Social Media Visibility industries.
    Checkmark Live Q&A Sessions to get personalized answers for your unique business challenges.
    Checkmark Built-In Accountability Structure with a Private Facebook group to provide you with support from me and other business owners and to keep you on track and implementing like never before.
    Checkmark My specific processes, tools, worksheets to shorten your path to better results in every area of your business.
    Checkmark Priority registration for upcoming 1 Year Mastermind program.
    Copy/paste this link into your web browser to register: www.QuantumAscendance.com/ProfitsProgram

    Here’s to taking control of your business!
    To Your Ultimate Success,
    Katherine Hartvickson
    Quantum Ascendance

    P.S. Still not sure if Strengthen Your Team and Grow Your Profits is right for you? Send your questions to me at info@quantumascendance.com or call 903 705-0932 and let’s talk about how I can help you create higher profits with greater ease.
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